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Kids corner (Paedodontics)


Kids corner (Paedodontics)

Kids corner (Paedodontics)

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Every child should visit a dentist around age 1 and every six months thereafter. These visits help children begin to get comfortable in a dental setting and allow dentists to observe the dental changes in a child’s mouth from an early age.Paediatric Dentistry

We strive to provide a fun and supportive environment for children. Our approach to dentistry for children is “Tell, Show, Do.” We will always tell your child about each procedure and how it works, show your child what it looks like, and then perform the procedure when they are comfortable. We will only use the most comforting and positive words and phrases when talking to your child.

Once your child is back in a treatment room, he or she will receive a dental cleaning and fluoride, and dental radiographs (x-rays) will be taken when it’s age appropriate and when the dentist feel it’s necessary. If your child needs additional services such as fillings, the doctor will discuss it with you in detail and the treatment will be scheduled for a later visit.

The doctor will also perform a head and neck examination and then evaluate the health and development of your child’s teeth and gums.

Our goal is for both you and your child to leave our office calm, happy and smiling from ear to ear!